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I can hear the video but no image the screen is blank, ...

13/03/11 12:18
...besides when trying the "official" Youtube vids like Enable jave there is no problem, please someone help me
Im using latest firefox and flash
when I go to IE :( i can see all the videos

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Manny M
13/03/11 18:36
Right click on the YouTube player >> click Settings >> Uncheck the box ''Enable Hardware Acceleration'' > Refresh your Internet Browser.

If the ''Settings'' option is greyed out, try from an embed player or the pop-out player. In the help article below, you'll find an embed player to try this workaround.

This is the Spanish forum btw.
16/03/11 21:10
YES I KNOW Its spanish

and sorry i dont have that option of settings i right click in the blank space where it suppose the player goes and nothing goes
16/03/11 21:11
and no i cannt get the embed player pop out cuz i dont see any player