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What should I do to re-enable my account to upload videos longer than 15 minutes?

3/06/11 8:05
Several months has had enabled my account to upload videos of unlimited duration, but one day went up a video that was blocked infrigia Copyright and throughout the world except the United Kingdom. I removed the pribilegio to upload videos longer.

However, I delete the video from my account, and even all the other videos that somehow infrigia the copyright of any third party. But still, not an re-enabled my account to upload videos longer than 15 minutes.

May be due to that?.

I have another account where I used to have a similar problem, but on this account, I only bloqueban the privilege until "erased" the controversial video.

More specifically, any material with respect to the NBC series Heroes. If I delete the video, "instant" my mind turned to be enabled to upload videos of unlimited duration. But not so with this account I am explaining now, just go "Shadow Chronicles" in full length in English, I handicapped the account to upload videos longer life and want to know if my account will remain so indefinitely, or will have to spend some review period until the next to be enabled?. My audience of content and visits is quite high. But as I said, delete all the videos claiming to be marked as a copyright infrigiendo. Although clear my mind you see a warning received a third-party content and thus removed a video by a claim, for what they say, "The state of my mind is not good." But even so, as my account was enabled to upload videos of unlimited duration, but now with this problem happened for months and no, I can do it, when re-enable that account to upload videos longer? if not already and uploaded anything to say to be marked with copyright or infringes a third party. I can do?.

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