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Youtube partnership

Matias Aranguiz
14/02/13 10:11
Hola a todos,hace unos dias YouTube me mando un mensaje que dice lo siguiente :


1) Your channel’s AdSense account has been disabled for posing a risk of generating invalid activity. We cannot partner you without a valid AdSense account.

You do have the option to file an appeal (link below).

IMPORTANT: If you do not provide a good case for your AdSense account to be restored, your appeal would be rejected. Since AdSense only promises to review the first appeal you submit, you need to make that appeal a good one.

Note that submitting an appeal that simply says your account disabling was "unjustified" will almost certainly fail. You need to provide clear evidence to AdSense that you understand the source of the invalid activity and have plans in place to prevent such invalid activity from recurring in the future.

File an appeal with Google here:

More details about the AdSense program’s policies can be found here:

2) We cannot provide you any additional information as to why/what/who has caused this.

Due to legal and privacy concerns, Google will not, under any circumstances, allow a network to negotiate the clearing of an AdSense account.

3) ONCE YOUR ADSENSE ISSUES ARE COMPLETELY RESOLVED, email with the following "ADSENSE RESOLVED: [channel name] - [network name]" and we'll move forward with partnership. Only when you receive a confirmation email from AdSense stating, "Congratulations - Your Adsense has been activated" will you be eligible for partnership.

CMS Support

Si bien entendi,me cancelaron o inabilitaron la cuenta de adsense,pero yo no tengo adsense y tampoco me dan una razon de porque paso esto.No puedo ser partner de socialblade si no se arregla este problema.

Asi que espero que me ayuden.Muchas gracias.

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