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15/11/14 10:16

It is very important that Venezuelans know the preamble of the Constitution and the people of Venezuela memorize, in exercise of his creative powers and invoking the protection of God historical example of our Liberator Simon Bolivar and the heroism and sacrifice of ourAboriginal ancestors and forerunners and founders of a free and sovereign nation;the supreme goal of reshaping the Republic to establish a democratic society,participatory and protagonist, multiethnic and multicultural justice in a State, federal anddecentralized State that embodies the values of freedom, independence, peace, solidarity,
the common good, territorial integrity, comity and the rule of law for this and
future generations; secure the right to life, work, culture, education, the
social justice and equality without any discrimination or subordination; promotes thepeaceful cooperation among nations and promotes and strengthens Latin American integrationAccording to the principle of non-intervention and self-determination of peoples, the security
universality and indivisibility of human rights, democratization of international society,nuclear disarmament, ecological balance and environmental resources as assets common and indispensable to mankind;in exercise of the power originally represented by the National Constituent Assembly through free and democratic referendum vote,

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