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Solución a Permisos Insuficientes no se puede efectuar descargas windows 7

Duilio Hugo Galván
5/06/18 8:40
No p uedo efectuar efectuar descargas con windows 7 

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Roger - Community Specialist
6/06/18 2:56
Hi Duilio,

Welcome to the Google Chrome Help Forum!

We have a specialized forum for addressing the issues related to Chrome in Spanish. Therefore, I'm directing your post to the Google Chrome - Foro de ayuda where your issue shall be best addressed there by the members of the community..

Have a Good day!

Akashiya Moka
25/06/18 20:00
HI i've tried to download pictures but after i typed a new name, or if i leave the same name then something happen, and the Error: insufficient permissions appear in the bottom of the name of the file i tried to dowload (save), how do i fin that?
I'm using the last version of google chrome, and windows 7 enterprise