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"This setting is enforced by your Administrator"

Calvin Currier
21/04/13 13:13
I would like to change my homepage. Google Chrome, however, is saying that my administrator is preventing me from doing so. I have tried running this program as administrator, but that did nothing. Any answers will be GREATLY appreciated.

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Ernest Pro
22/04/13 4:54
Hi Calvin Currier,

If you speak Spanish, I would encourage you to check this thread. Otherwise, you could ask same question in English forum, as this is Spanish one, in threads like this ;) 

Thanks and hope you have a nice day,

Ernest Pro
Malcolm Alvarez
22/04/13 6:45
Hi there, guys,
I have an strong background in computers, and after installing a couple of thing I shouldn't install from a couple of websites I got this and have been struggling with it, not letting me change any settings, I uninstall google chrome, with Youruninstaller, got into safe mode and deleted the folder all the temp stuff, etc, etc, uninstalled whatever I though was to do with the issue, nothing, so I decided to do a system restore, if you have a pc from Vista to 7, just type system restore in the search bar on the bottom of the start menu when u click on start, or go there as you also will in XP, Start/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore and restore your system to the time u didn't have the issue, if that date is not showing, make sure u check show me more restore points and it should give u more restore points, it worked for me, I hope it will work for everyone having the issue.
Thanks, I'm out.