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Repository not found when updating sources

Angel González
5/03/16 11:37
I'm getting this error when i try to update software sources in Elementary OS Freya.

W: Imposible obtener  No se pudo encontrar la entrada esperada «main/binary-i386/Packages» en el archivo Release (entrada incorrecta en sources.list o archivo mal formado)

I tried to reach this url but i got a 404 error, futher research in other web sites describes the same url. Also, i purge the browser and source list, reinstall from the oficial site and got the same error as before. Looks like an error from google's repository server.

Any suggestions?

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Juan MP
5/03/16 12:36
Hello Angel!

From what I see using the Linux operating system, the problem is that the download package Google chrome was a mistake and was not installed correctly. I recommend you try to install the package download Google Chrome again.
Hope that helps, greetings, Monsivais.
Alvaro Linares
8/03/16 10:20
Hi Angel, this is the explanation I've found from Google itself.

Nota: Las versiones de Linux de 32 bits, Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) y Debian 7 (Wheezy) ya no serán compatibles a partir de principios de marzo de 2016.

They just drop 32bits support.
You will have to delete the line in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google_chrome.list or wherever it is inside /etc/apt directory (you could find it with grep)

Esteban A. Pérez
8/03/16 17:35
Angel González
8/03/16 18:11
Gracias, Esteban. Tu solución funcionó perfectamente en mi eOS Freya