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19/06/11 1:44
I'm living in Spain, I do speak Spanish, but I do want my software in English because I'm studying and working on an English environment.
So I really would like to know how do I prevent Google and other apps to keep giving me everything in Spanish, when I have my location and language settings in English in Windows. I was trying to download Picasa and I got it in Spanish, I've even searched for it with English tags and it keeps downloading the Spanish version. I've set my gmail account in English, Google is set to work in English but every few days it keeps resetting everything to Spanish, even now, after setting everything in English, and searched for English forums, when it comes to posting the question, everything went back to Spanish.
I'd appreciate any help on this.

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Alejandro Silvestri
22/06/11 7:24
My dear syrdax,
This is a spanish only forum (as a rule).
I encourage you to post this in an english forum, where it's more likely to find the answer to this kind of problem.