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Google Shrome for the sight disable people?

13/08/10 23:41
Please i just want to use the Google Shrome, but my reader screen software couldn't read it for me...  I'd like to use this internet navegator because I have listen that it's the best...  It's better than the others.  I want somebody to help me please. Someone from the Google Inc Office... Thank you.  I'm a disable person and I feel that I have the right to use it.  I have tried to use it but I've already told you what happened.  The Google Shrome Version is the latest, I gues  Sorry for bothering and thanks.
PS:  The screen reader software is JAWS 10.0 from Freedom Cientific Inc.

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Maria C. Mauro
16/08/10 4:35
Hola Bryner:

Este Foro es en Español ;)