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news section configuration

Juan Fco. Garcia Hernandez
22/04/18 1:09
I have two days with problems to fix the configuration of the news page in google chrome. I want to customize the page, but it does not save the configuration. I've tried with the three methods that have (in the left margin manage sections and not keep them, either in the configuration symbol, or directly in the three points of the section that I want to hide) someone can help me solve this problem . Thank you

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User Master
22/04/18 12:11
Welcome to forum Juan Fco. Garcia Hernandez.
Remember that in the forum we provide help in the Spanish language
Juan Fco. Garcia Hernandez
22/04/18 14:08
Gracias, lo olvide por completo con el problema de configuración. Llevo dos o tres días cabreado como una mona. Incluso desinstale chrome y lo volvì a instalar pero no se ha solucionado el problema.  Alguien me puede hechar una mano?