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No puedo acceder a este link: cada ves que tengo que continuar con la opcion 'Run PC check' dilata demasiado cargar la pagina

Rogena Murray
16/05/14 7:45
1) Escribe versión de Google Chrome (chrome://version/):  
2) ¿Se reproduce el problema en una ventana de incógnito? Control+Mayúsculas+N 

3) Adjunta una captura de la pantalla de tu problema/error/incidencia:   

4) Describe detalladamente el problema:
Please Read & Click I agree to test your system:
In order to determine if your computer meets the required specifications, we must evaluate certain diagnostics on your computer. Please read the disclaimer and all notices before beginning.

Before proceeding, ensure that this diagnostic is being run on the Computer that will be used for all business operations. If this is not the device, sign out and log back in from the Computer that will be used for business operations.

This Diagnostic requires the temporary installation of a component from Systems Requirements Lab to effectively analyze your machine.

Consent: By checking “I agree” and clicking on the “Run PC Check” button, you hereby authorize System Requirements Lab on behalf of its customers to run a diagnostic check on this computer, to obtain the processor speed, the amount of RAM, the Internet browser and version in use, the upload and download speed of your internet connection, the operating system in use, resolution capability, flash player version, sound card, available hard drive space, and any other system component that is required to determine the suitability of your computer system to perform the required functions. You are also confirming that you are running the diagnostic on the computer from which you intend to work. No personal information is collected in this diagnostic and System Requirements Lab is not responsible for any computer system crashes or malfunctions that may occur.

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