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Copy / Pase won´t work on any application run on Windows 7 if Chrome is opened

4/07/12 4:22

I have been noticing a problem on windows 7 which is that from time to time, suddently "Copy and paste" functionality on any application run dind´t work propperly. I was unable to paste formats. Just the plain data. This is a pain when trying to copy/paste a table for example or just simply copy / paste formulas in an Excel file.

In the end, I found out, that this only happened when Google Chrome was opened. If I close it, it works fine (I can copy/paste anywhere without problems). Anyone knows how to fix this? I don´t want to stop using Chrome, but if I can get to solve this I will have to use another browser.

Thanks in advance.

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Alejandro Silvestri
5/07/12 7:22
Suena a virus.  
6/07/12 3:11
Desde luego si es virus y el objetivo es que deje de usar Chrome... Lo ha conseguido perfectamente... Una pena porque es el navegador con el que trabajo más comodo. De todos modos tengo antivirus instalado y actualizado. Le daré un repaso completo a ver. ;)
Alejandro Silvestri
19/07/12 4:22
De dejo material de lectura: 

Te recomiendo especialmente la parte de extensiones malintencionadas.