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Some Firefox functionalities I would like to have in Chrome

9/04/09 22:03
I see that Chrome have most of the Mozilla's navigator shortcuts and functionalities, But I really feel absence of three very helpful tools:
1) I really miss all my Mozilla add-ons, and sometimes I have to open a web page on my older Browser to export as PDF, save an youtube video, etc..
2) One very useful Mozilla's functionality is absent on Chrome, and is the CTRL-BACK and CTRL-FORWARD that opens the alluded page into a new tab.
3) I have some extrange behaviors with "user/password remember utility" (please excuse my bad english) when trying to access GMAIL (weird! Don't U think?)... The browser simply does not remember my Gmail account... Maybe because I have another orkut account... But with Mozilla I have no problems with neither one.
In other cases I have two accounts on the same website and I have the same problem.
Again confronting with Firefox I love when 'dobleclicking' the user field the browser simply suggests a list of possible usernames for you to select the appropriate one.

I hope you don't mind my loathsome comparison between Chrome and Firefox, but I WAS an Mozilla's fan until I've tried Chrome, and the experience was surprising! I never thought somebody would make a tool so intuitive for using and so adapted to me! ;) 

Another important thing for me is that Google resolved the memory management issues and proposed an innovative aproach in process administration. I hope Chrome to continue on this path.

PS: Sometimes I have keyboard problems.. At any moment the browser 'forgets' my keyboard language configuration (Spain Spanish) and starts working as an english one. I solve it closing and starting over Chrome... Sh.. happens! ;-)

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