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Why not implement master password

17/06/11 4:13
I really need a master pasword to protect stored passwords in Google Chrome. Yes, I am totally aware that a master password is not gonna provide any further security against potential hackers, or against someone with minimum technical knowledge who has local access to my computer, but that´s not the reason why a master password is so useful. The real reason is to be able to let your family/friends use your computer without allowing them to easily:
 a) access my web accounts with a single click,
 b) know which web sites I have accounts on, and
 c) directly read my passwords.

And again, I know that a master password security can be avoided relatively easily, but I will rarely lend my computer to anybody knowing even what's a user profile folder.

I'm 110% sure I'm not the only one with these needs. I actually think more than half of users will find this definitely useful. So, my question is, why Google still doesn't hear us? It'd be so f*cking easy to implement, I'm considering doing it myself! Actually this is the only reason I've not jumped to Chrome from Firefox, being Chrome such a superior browser.

Please Google, take the Decision. You'll not regret it.

Respuestas (1)

Alejandro Silvestri
17/06/11 4:57
La idea es que el sistema operativo maneja la clave maestra: ¡es tu clave de usuario!

Claro que si no te acostumbraste a utilizar usuarios con contraseña en la PC, no me extraña que se la pidas al navegador, pero no corresponde...  Estaríamos desplazando tareas: pidiendo al navegador lo que le corresponde al sistema operativo.

Finalmente, este foro es en castellano.  Hay un foro en inglés, y por lo que vi es bastante más poblado y avanzado que éste.