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Not a "Bug", But a Product Comment/Suggestion/Idea...

2/07/12 8:59

I have Chrome 17.0.963.56 x64 for Linux.

it works great... the feature i like the most is be able to browse between windows with the 3rd wheel, amazing.

i want to give a product comment/idea:

when i have 50 windows open "example",
i close [X] Chrome, it remembers all the windows i had open... That Great !.

but sometimes i make a mistake and Open Chrome Again, while the Previous Chrome is running...

when i close [X] the 1st Chrome session with the 50 windows, But do not close the second Chrome first, and then I close [X] the 2nd Chrome with 1 or 2  Tab/windows,
AND Open again Chrome, does not Remember the 50 Windows...
it gives a message, something like "Do you want to Restore Previous Windows" or something.

BUT sometimes i open more Windows Instead of Clicking the "Do you want to restore..." because that message ONLY appears in the 1st Window, if i have other Windows/Tabs Open, that message does not appears on the other Windows, and I forget about the message, and keep opening Windows/Tabs...
Problem is:

Crtl+Shit+T "ReOpen Closed Tabs", does not Remember all 50 previous Tabs, if i Open 1 more Window/Tab & the "Do you want to Restore Previous Windows" dissapears.
There is no Way to ReOpen those 50 windows again.
Crtl+Shit+T should be able to have more memory.
& the "Do you want to Restore Previous Windows", should appear visible in all windows/tabs.


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