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As Ubuntu 10.04 LTS user I am disgusted because your STABLE Version is not showing ArgentinaTN24 TV mms:// neither in

20/03/11 1:43
Por favor, describe paso a paso lo que sucedió hasta el momento cuando encontraste el problema. Añade, asimismo, la información siguiente:
Versión de Google Chrome:
Sistema Operativo:
Mensaje de error:
Extensiones instaladas :

I made an upgrade to the Ubuntu Version of Google  Navigator  the "Stable Version "  you cut off the property to work with mms://  TV links  !!
I wanted to establish your navigator and all Google Aplications as MAIN in my Ubuntu PC . Now you are forcing me to change to another navigator

Main wish : To be able to see immediately in mplayer or a google player    TN 24 Horas Republica Argentina World Wide  !!

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