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Why is Recovery Account Not Working?

julio saborit
10/07/18 16:01
Hi, I am Julio, I was not able to sign in to my Gmail yesterday. I have tried to do the account recovery option but whoever took my account has changed everything on it so I may not enter. The weird thing has I used the account recovery on a computer I always log in and I put an old password I know is linked to my account. When accessing my account last it asked me if I log in using this ( IP and location of hacker ) I click yes by accident so it let my hacker get into my account. Which makes no sense because I should be able to recover my Gmail by using a device that I always log in to California when the hacker doesn’t live in California I went through the whole account recovery process but still it keeps giving me the Google couldn't identify you but I have all the information of the account before it got hacked 2 weeks ago because of this issue my iPhone 7 which is not connected to my account anymore.Please if you have any information that can help me contact me.

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