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Google Chrome crashing and showing a freeze error in every tab I open

Antonio J. Diaz
18/09/15 8:44
   I'm having a problem with my Google Chrome navigator: I'm using a dual boot PC, and in the Linux partition it has just stopped working: when I open it, the program cannot access to any webpage and cannot execute anything (such as delete history and cookies). It only shows a crash window every time I open anything with the message:

"¡Oh no!
Ha habido un problema al mostrar esta página web. Si cierras las aplicaciones y pestañas que no necesites, podrás disponer de más espacio de memoria"

(Spanish user), it means you cannot load any page (even if it is something internal, such as options menu or bookmarks manegement) and complains about lack of memory.

It also displays a button with to reload (that does not work) and a link offering "More info" that does not work either. However, it con still open more tabs (only to show the same crashing message).

I've other web browser that work fine, and the Google-Chrome in the Windows partition also works perfectly. The operating system in which I have trouble is Fedora 18. I've already tried to update, uninstall (and reinstall back) to no avail.

If anybody has experimented a similar problem, please let me know if there is any solution. Thanks in advance.

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