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Chrome language

16/05/11 8:36
Por favor, describe paso a paso lo que sucedió hasta el momento cuando encontraste el problema. Añade, asimismo, la información siguiente:
Versión de Google Chrome: Last one
Sistema Operativo: win XP SP3
Mensaje de error: none
Extensiones instaladas : No matter

I can't find the installer in english lang. The automatic system forces the spanish installer cause I'm in Argentina. It's a real pain.

Any solution?


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Alejandro Silvestri
16/05/11 12:42
My friend,

On the dowload page, top right, you can select language.  If you choose english, it will get you to the right page (url below).
16/05/11 16:41
You are wrong, Alejandro. I've downloaded and installed the client using the method you are talking about. Even php and other scripts say that the browser language is spanish after install with your method (choosing english in the list). So, I've installed the program with an off-line english installer.

Thanks a lot for your help.
Alejandro Silvestri
17/05/11 11:17
Ok, but at least the installer program was in english, right?
Tell me if your Windows is in english or spanish.
17/05/11 18:49
Alejo, the off-line standalone was in english, as well the on-line one (when english selected). But the server based installs Chrome in spanish, no matter the language selected before. I have a desk in english and a laptop in spanish, both are win XP SP3. I did test the on-line installer in both computers and the result was the same. I think the problem is the IP. Tell me if I'm wrong.

Best regards,

Alejandro Silvestri
18/05/11 3:51
I think this is a bug in Google'server.  But, as this isn't a bug in Chrome itself, I don't know where to report it!