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How to delete as my default search engine?

alam ramirez ruiz
9/02/16 10:46

When i was on vacaton, my little brother download in my computer some free games, the problem is that it also infects my computer by virus. I delete several of that, but i can't change to google my search engine again, when i type something on my omnibox, chome searchs in instead of google. When i try to change the default search engine, chrome says me "This setting is enforced by your administrator." but i have not any administrator.

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9/02/16 11:22
Hello Alam, Welcome to the Official Chrome Forums

In these cases, I would recommend you this:

(This is Spanish Forum, if you have problems with this faq please ask me)

On another hand:
  1. Scan your computer for malware/adware using Malwarebytes, AdwCleaner or maybe HitmanPro.

  2. Uninstall unfamiliar or suspicious extensions.

  3. Uninstall suspicious programs from your computer that you don't remember installing (Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs/Programs and Features).

  4. Reset your browser settings.

Please write us back if that solved your problem



alam ramirez ruiz
9/02/16 17:51
hi Andros, thanks for your answer, i try all of this but i can't solve this problem, it's identical to this:
P.S. i'm from Mexico, i'm speak spanish but i write my question in english beause I felt that answer me someone who speaks english.
Carles PG
10/02/16 0:17
Hola Alam,

Entonces te podemos contestar en español ya que este es el foro de Google Chrome en español :)

Prueba a utilizar el limpiador de Chrome para Windows ya que ayuda a limpiar tu ordenador de programas que hacen que Chrome funcione mal, aparezcan ventanas emergentes con publicidad, etc.

También te recomiendo que le eches un vistazo al siguiente hilo que te será de gran ayuda:

Carles PG
alam ramirez ruiz
12/02/16 17:52
ya había intentado esto, pero no funcionó, de todas formas, gracias, en el otro foro ya lo solucionaron, , al parecer es un spy bot, en la misma página dan links de descarga para los programas para eliminarlo, gracias nuevamente por su tiempo