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Weird ads popping up

5/09/12 10:40
Some very strange ads keep popping up on my MAC chrome screen. They are all the same type, with a big black round X symbol to close them, but sometimes they block the page content. I cant find a solution because I don´t know how they're called. they aren't really pop ups, because they show up on the same screen as the page content, not on a diferent tab or window, but it does prevent me from using the explorer, especially when I'm on cuevana or some oher live stream page.

Thank you all for your help.

Respuestas (1)

Alejandro Silvestri
6/09/12 5:19
Hay muchos casos similares reportados últimamente, y son ocasionados por virus.
Aparte de pasar un antivirus, también te recomiendo inhabilitar las extensiones para ver si alguna de ellas es la responsable de ese comportamiento.