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Quiero quitar la opción de: añadir usuario de mi chromebook

Aaron Siria
5/02/15 14:35
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5/02/15 14:42
I do not think there is a way to remove that option. Only the owner administrator of the Chromebook is able to add users anyways, guests of added users do not have that option. If you own your Chromebook you should be the owner/admin and not have to worry about it. If other users are using your login and password you should immediately change your Google account password and create their own accounts for them so they will be unable to do system stuff such as add users. 
Dymphe Perry
5/02/15 16:07
Aaron Siria,

Please see the reference. If you are the owner, you can restrict use to only you and disable guest sign in.

settings > people > manage users.

Por favor, consulte la referencia. Si usted es el propietario, puede restringir el uso de solo tu y desactivar invitado Inicia sesión.

configuración> gente> Administrar usuarios.
5/02/15 19:27
+Aaron Siria-

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On Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 4:35:45 PM UTC-6, Aaron Siria wrote:
Quiero quitar la opción de: añadir usuario de mi chromebook